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The world in black and white

When I began to think about setting up this page, what I want to include and which pictures should be part of my portfolio, one of the first things I put on the list was a category to be called ‘Black and White’. When I was a child, I loved looking at all of these old black-and-white photographs of my family which were a fascinating mix of memories, stored in little cardboard boxes. It still seems a bit odd to me sometimes that I never really got into taking pictures of people, with the exception of some early self-portraiture experiments, and would only seldom choose the monochrome instead of the coloured version. And even when I decide to remove the colours from an image, it is often because I want to combine several pictures to a series rather than to create a different version of a single image. As a result, it turned out to be more difficult to find some black-and-white images than I thought and I’m still looking for certain images in my archive. Things would probably have been a lot easier if I would also include pictures taken on film but I’d like to separate digital and analogue images here and also still need some more time to make new scans of my negatives.

What also makes the recently added portfolio page Black and White a bit different from the other categories is that the common aspect of the images is the editing rather than the subject which makes my monochrome work a mixture of macro and detail shots, abstract images, landscapes, architecture and occasionally also people. And pretty much like the page, my expertise in this area is still developing and I’m really looking forward to experiment some more with the monochrome world in the next couple of months. I will most likely start with shooting the first self-portrait in a while as I really need a current picture of me to include on the ‘About’ page that is still missing here on the website.

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