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Spring awakening

Once again I have let far too many weeks go by without writing any news here or adding more of all the things I had in mind for this page. If there is any excuse for this, it is that about two months ago, I have finally decided to leave Düsseldorf, the city that was my home for a little more than 9 years, and move about 600 km across the country, back to my hometown Rostock, to be near my family, friends and my big love, the sea. I knew in advance that it would not be that easy to find an appartment, given my current job situation as a self-taught artist who’s trying to figure out how to make a living while doing what I love, and also that I would have to make some compromises but at the end I was lucky and found something that was fitting most of my needs.

One of my biggest wishes was to have a third room to use as office/studio/whatever as I had quickly learned how difficult it is to work on a desk in the living room, close to the temptation presented by my big red sofa. About three weeks ago, I had packed all of my things in Düsseldorf and could finally move into my new appartment in Rostock which I have been busy turning into a home since then. There are still a lot of little things to do, lights to install and pictures to hang on the walls, and also some problems to solve as I currently don’t have a working DSL connection which is why I’m currently typing this on a laptop in my parents living room. Fortunately, I only need about 10 minutes by bike to get there, meaning I can now stroll through the garden and play with the dog any time I want. Earlier today, when I was eating a banana in my kitchen, I saw a big seagull flying by my window, passing the nest of a magpie in the nearby willow tree,  and later, while walking the dog, I watched a bird dragging an earthworm out of the meadow and a sparrow was having a bath with a blackbird in a puddle near the street. I can observe every day how the nature around me is changing rather than sitting at home in the middle of the city, not knowing where to go. And while there are still so many uncertainties and doubts about how the future might look like and which of my ideas I will be able to realise, I already feel that making this step back home was the right or at least a very good decision.

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