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In the works: Abstraction through motion

I am normally quite hesitant to show work that is not yet finished but thought I’d make an exception this time and share some drafts from a new abstract series. All of the images shown in this post were taken sometime earlier this month in my parents garden. After I failed to find something interesting, I began to play around a bit and create some abstracts from the things that were there, using a combination of blur and motion. While you can basically use anything to create pictures like this, it is sometimes tricky to find so nice colours and add enough structures or patterns to make the image work. Furthermore, you likely end up with  large amount of slightly different versions of the same image and have to decide which one comes as close as possible to any vision you might have had beforehand.

abstract image in shades of green, yellow, white and blue

abstract image in shades of purple, white and dark green

abstract image in shades of dark green, blue and white

abstract image in shades of white, grey and red

Currently, I’m still in the process of editing and trying to figure out what to do with these images. Should I just pick one or rather 3-4 from each series? Can they stand on their own or would it be better to combine several of them in a collage to showcase the differences within the series? And how about printing them on some nice Hahnemühle paper and then add some more colour and structure through painting which would also turn them into unique images that have a little bit more depth and exist not only on a computer screen? I haven’t made up my mind yet but time will show.

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