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Monochrome City

While my digital photography is almost entirely in colour, I can easily do without it when it comes to analogue photography and would sometimes choose a black and white film on purpose. When I was living and working in Düsseldorf, I walked the streets of the city with my Nikon FM2N, on weekends or even during my lunch break, to capture some impressions and details in shades of grey. At the same time, I also experimented with double exposures to merge different scenes or create a little more depth by adding another layer. All images shown below were taken within one year.

Double exposure of pigeons on the street
We are ghosts
(Düsseldorf, Germany – July 2013)
Double exposure of a white bench near a wall
Twisted bench
(Düsseldorf, Germany – March 2013)
Double exposure of a sign with a male figure
Doubled gents
(Düsseldorf, Germany – February 2013)
Double exposure of a metal sculpture in the shape of a pyramid
(Düsseldorf, Germany – January 2014)
Shadow of a church tower reflected in a puddle rippled by rain drops
Rippling shadows
(Düsseldorf, Germany – January 2014)
String tied around metal hooks on a wall
String on the wall
(Düsseldorf, Germany – January 2014)
High voltage warning sign surrounded by stripy shadows on concrete wall
High voltage
(Düsseldorf, Germany – July 2013)
Historical high water marker on stone wall
High water
(Düsseldorf, Germany – July 2013)
Double exposure of a cartoon graffiti on old brick wall
Brick wall ghost
(Düsseldorf, Germany – July 2013)
Old wall with graffiti painting showing a large bald head
The head of the giant
(Düsseldorf, Germany – July 2013)