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My way into photography originally began with the wish to capture not only the beautiful things that I saw in the world out there but also special moments in time and experiences. I still remember the moment in which I realized this, standing on a boat that was bobbing up and down on the water of the Atlantic Ocean while a little family of humpback whales was passing by. Living in the middle of a big city, my observations of wildlife are mostly limited to local birds, insects, the occasional rabbit and sometimes even turtles in the park’s pond and even though I’m never intentionally looking for the little wild ones, I’d always regret when I stumble over them on one of my walks and don’t have the right lens with me. Sometimes it can be tricky to capture them with the camera and almost feel like hunting, but other times I’m lucky and they hold still long enough as if they’d pose for me.

Juvenile European herring gull standing in golden light on the beach near the water
Portrait of a birdie
(Rostock, Germany – August 2013)
sparrow on wooden bench in front of fence
The small and the curious
(Berlin, Germany – October 2012)
Male blackbird sitting between grass and cobblestones
Nothing to see here
(Düsseldorf, Germany – May 2013)
brown rabbit on grey pebbles
Not the Easter bunny
(Düsseldorf, Germany – May 2013)
Single black-headed gull standing on a pole by the river during snowfall
Somebody’s not impressed
(Rostock, Germany – March 2013)
pair of great crested grebe drifting on water surface
(Hamburg, Germany – September 2012)
pair of pigeons with water surface in background
You and I, together
(Düsseldorf, Germany – April 2013)
baby coot standing in nest with green water background
Waiting on the edge
(Düsseldorf, Germany – June 2013)
great crested grebe swimming on the lake
In the distance
(Zurich, Switzerland – April 2013)
honey bee on red flower
In the red flight district
(Düsseldorf, Germany – September 2013)
black bug on pink flower with green background
Happy bug
(Vienna, Austria – May 2014)
red dragonfly on stem of pink water lily
Red dragon
(Pulau Ubin, Singapore – March 2015)