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Black and White

Even though I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of black and white photographs, especially old family portraits stored in little boxes at my parents’ house, I still mostly shoot not only digital but also always in colour. It seems that I’m always searching for even more colourful and radiant things out there but once in a while, I would stumble over something that just doesn’t work in colour, for different reasons, or proofs to look better in black and white during the editing process, either on its own or as part of a larger series. Sometimes no colour is needed at all.

Decaying leaves on the street
(Düsseldorf, Germany – October 2012)
Plane tree seed capsule on white ground
(Düsseldorf, Germany – March 2014)
Two coil springs on wooden board
Double spring-loaded
(Rostock, Germany – July 2013)
Wooden spinning top with pencil tip drawing lines on paper
Spinning round
(Düsseldorf, Germany – October 2013)
Tunnel-shaped cobweb on windowsill
What lurks in the dark
(Düsseldorf, Germany – September 2014)
Plane tree seed capsule in gap between stone tiles
Along the line
(Düsseldorf, Germany – March 2014)
Plane tree seed capsule between light and shadow
Light and shadow
(Düsseldorf, Germany – June 2013)
Two connected plane tree capsules on white background
Connected pompons
(Düsseldorf, Germany – February 2015)
Large fluffy ball on the borderline between light and shadow
The invasion of fluff balls
(Rostock, Germany – June 2016)
Detail shot of an old wooden bookcase with slightly open glass doors
Treasures behind glass
(Düsseldorf, Germany – October 2013)
Small pieces of paper with printed words
The words of others
(Düsseldorf, Germany – September 2013)
Words written on paper in old typewriter
(Düsseldorf, Germany – September 2012)
Collage of words cut out from a daily newspaper
One day words
(Düsseldorf, Germany – June 2013)