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A few years ago, when I bought my first DSLR camera and started to experiment with photography, I mostly took pictures of flowers just because it was summer, they were everywhere around and looked so very beautiful. Back then I also discovered something I hadn’t noticed before – how the blurring of the background through the use of a shallow depth of field enhances the beauty of an object. It took a while before I really picked up photography but when it finally happened, I did remember this early impression and later I often combined it with a small change in the perspective to create images that I like to describe as portraits of flowers.

red blossom of a japanese quince with blurred background
New beginnings
(Düsseldorf, Germany – March 2014)
still closed wild currant blossom with blurred background
Bright pink
(Rostock, Germany – March 2014)
almond blossoms with blurred pink background
Rose-tinted moments
(Düsseldorf, Germany – March 2014)
pink blossoms of wild orchid between blades of grass on meadow
Wild orchid
(Rostock, Germany – May 2014)
Two blossoms of a pink pond lily between dark green leaves
Pink pond lilies
(Rostock, Germany – August 2016)
Closed blossom of a plantain lily
Will you open up for me?
(Rostock, Germany – June 2016)
blossoms of plantain with blurred green background
Two of a kind
(Rostock, Germany – May 2014)
cactus plant with yellow blossom
Yellow brush
(Singapore – March 2015)
orange dahlia blossom in front of blurred dark-green background
Dear dahlia
(Singapore – March 2015)
orange nasturtium blossom with blue-green leaves in background
Orange on blue
(Rostock, Germany – August 2013)
Red blossom of a japanese quince with a background in blue, green and yellow
Opening up some more
(Rostock, Germany – December 2015)
Single lavender flower with blurred background
Lavender surprise
(Rostock, Germany – December 2015)
blossom of white japanese anemone with blurred grey and white background
Don’t turn away from me
(Düsseldorf, Germany – October 2013)
withered white flower with blurred grey background
Withered white
(Düsseldorf, Germany – April 2013)