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I’ve been shooting in series right from the beginning, for little projects or maybe just because the publication of content on a blog page made it so easy to combine multiple images and longer text to create something special. Something that was different and more personal than the short snippets you can usually find on the various social media platforms. It took me quite a while to slow down and allow single images to stand on their own, without any companions to continue a certain theme or story, at least not immediately. It can take a long time but sometimes I would still find something that is much alike or something that is complementary and then combine the images in a diptych or start a new series. Nevertheless, each of them can also stand all alone.

little red leaf on grey stone
Little red fallen
(Düsseldorf, Germany – October 2015)
red jelly bear on light grey stone
Lonely bear
(Ludwigslust, Germany – August 2015)
branch with orange-red berries on cracked grey stone
Dropped red
(Düsseldorf, Germany – October 2014)
red leaf on black and white stone with diagonal split in light and shadow
On the borderline
(Düsseldorf, Germany – October 2015)
orange leaf resting on metal grid
Somewhere on the grid
(Düsseldorf, Germany – December 2015)
orange leaf drifting on water surface in white and brown shades
Last leaf drifting
(Düsseldorf, Germany – February 2015)
Single plane tree seed capsule drifting in blue water
Where I dropped you
(Düsseldorf, Germany – January 2016)
Little clover plant growing in gap between stones
(Rostock, Germany – May 2016)
tiny glover plant growing out a gap near a grey wall
A tiny piece of luck
(Düsseldorf, Germany – October 2015)
grass growing out of crack between differently coloured stones
(Ludwigslust, Germany – August 2015)
pine cone in sunlight on earthy ground
In the spotlight
(Düsseldorf, Germany – July 2015)
little white feather caught between green blades
Little precious
(Darmstadt, Germany – May 2015)
fluffy feather on withered wooden surface
Rough and fluff
(Rostock, Germany – August 2013)